Fall Tabletop Decor

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Happy Fall!  I absolutely LOVE fall.  It’s my favorite season of the year.  I love the crisp cool weather, the colorful leaves when they begin to fall, watching football (Go Blue!), comfort food and pumpkin spice everything (except greek yogurt…not a good idea)!  
I start to get in a new decorative mood when the season changes and I want to spruce up my house for the upcoming holidays! Now, I’m not one to skip any holidays for the next, so, of course, we start with Halloween, but we try not to overdo it.  
I like the decorate my house with themes.  I also like to decorate my dining room table for each holiday and it allows me to add some decor in the first room of my house!  I wanted to share a few ideas with you on how you can add some fresh holiday decor to your kitchen or dining table (how often do you sit there these days?).  First of all, you have to ground the table, so I always have a table runner and my favorite is BURLAP!




It is so versatile for any table, you can layer anything on top of it and you can absolutely use it year round!  I’m a home stager, so there is no lack of table runners that I can get my hands on, but my favorite will always be burlap. You can even buy a few yards of it at your local fabric store!  Try it!
Next, you build up your tabletop!  Now, a great foundation is pumpkins (real or fake)!  They make such a statement and because of their varied size, you can really  have fun with the look.  
What I love is that you can get so many different kinds of pumpkins these days.  I was at my local country market last weekend and they had the traditional orange, bright white, cool blue, a light shade of pink and, to quote my daughter, the ones with bumps!  Pumpkins, gourds, squash, orange, red, yellow, blue, black…the possibilities are endless!  My only criteria for a pumpkin is that it has to have a good stem!  :)


Mix and match them up, big and little (I love the little ones) and make it look organic in presentation.  It will always be unique to you!
Once you have a foundation, you can layer in the specific holiday on top of it. So, right now, we have Halloween coming up! Add a few black taper candles with matching sticks, some sticky fake cobwebs, spiders (also fake), ghosts, leaves, etc. You get the idea!
Spray paint some old candle sticks and instant spooky!
There are some great Halloween printables you can print (for free) and decorate with too!
I went to my favorite website (Hi Fellow Pinners out there!) to gather some inspiration this year and here are some great example fall table decor ideas that I found:
I LOVE the monogram pumpkin here…I’m definitely going to try this!  



White Pumpkin
Also love the fall berry garland around the white pumpkins!  The candles add a soft glowing touch!


pumpkin nuts
This is a super simple idea.  You probably have a ton of extra vases around, right?  Get some acorns and you have an instant centerpiece!


I have 3 black lanterns just hanging around, so I’m trying this idea! Grab some old books to add some height under the lanterns on your table too!



Natural Decor
Natural Decor2
If you want more a natural look, try these two options out! 
Pumpkin Box


Candle Box
These would be great Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas!  You can use a thin tray like these, or a bigger square or rectangle option would work too!  
Edible Centerpiece
Don’t forget your edible option!  Add some crackers, grapes, even cheese to a centerpiece for an instant addition to your entertainment space!


I hope this gave you some ideas on how to create a great fall table top…even an edible one!  I’d love to hear your ideas for a great fall table top too!  Until then…
Celebrate Fall
(photos courtesy of Pinterest)