Our Services

In-Home Consultation
At MKW, we believe every home deserves a consultation. It’s best to start off by meeting and discussing your homes needs with a room-by-room walk through.  Plan on approximately 1 – 1 1/2 hours to do a verbal consultation, walking through your home, creating a list of things we will need in order to stage or redesign. MKW will create a Staging Consultation Report or a proposal for additional services, if needed.  

Vacant Home Staging: 
Set the scene for buyers and don’t leave anything up to their imagination! The key is bringing in just the right amount of furniture and accessories to create the all important WOW factor in the rooms that will help sell your home! After an initial home preview, MKW will create a detailed furniture and accessory plan for those rooms to match the style and demographic buyer for your home.  By doing this, we’ll appeal to the broadest buyer audience and your home will sell quicker and for more money!   

Occupied Home Staging: 
Starting with an In-Home Consultation, we will identify all of the target a
reas to stage, using everything you already own.  Next, we’ll work on your homes specific staging plan to prepare it for a speedy sale all while you still live there! MKW offers half and full day packages.

Power Preparation: 
This is reserved for those homes needing immediate assistance or are “Quick to List”.  Using everything you already own, MKW will provide 3 hours of hands-on home preparation to get your home ready for pictures. With the Power Prep, we roll up our sleeves and get right to work during the in-h0me consultation, so no additional appointments, accessory or furniture rentals.  Just you, an MKW Consultant and your home full of opportunity!

Staging Refinement: 
If you chose to DIY stage, ask an MKW Consultant to check out your work.  We can help you “tweak” anything that needs a bit more WOW factor!  (*1 hour minimum)

Interior Redesign: 
If you aren’t moving, but you want to love where you live, let’s take the time to mix it up.  We’ll use everything that you already own, or maybe suggest a few purchases or improvements, to create the home of your dreams…again!  MKW offers half and full day packages.