Check out what some homeowners and realtors are saying about MKW Staging & Redesign!

“Best money we ever spent…”

“Our house sold in less than a week since it was listed with multiple over-the-asking price offers…”

“Seven offers in four days all at or over list price…”

“Even homes that need very little attention can always be improved with her expertise.”

“I will absolutely recommend you to my clients in the future”

“Mindy is inclusive, sensitive, mindful, and extremely professional”

“I look forward to working with someone like Mindy who is so personable to work with.”

“We have rock solid confidence in Mindy.”

“Her staging skills are top-notch and I’ve been very impressed with the level of professionalism that she has exhibited, especially during difficult circumstances.”


I have partnered with MKW on several of my listings and cannot recommend them highly enough! They are extremely talented, communicative and most importantly…their staging generates results! Every house that they have staged for me has sold at or above list price with 7 or fewer DOM- you can’t ask for better than that!
~Dana Vespremi., Ann Arbor, MI Realtor



This is the best money we ever spent! My husband thought it was an unnecessary expense before he saw the excellent results. Thanks to MKW Staging and Redesign, our modest ranch home had 11 showings and two full price offers in three days! This fast sale was my dream come true. Mindy’s thoughtful observations, detailed room by room action plan, and her great flair for redecorating with our existing furnishings and art pieces was a game-changer. I have an artist’s eye myself, but never would have thought of the creative ways she opened up our spaces and put the rooms together. We highly recommend her services.

~Maureen P., Homeowner, Chelsea, MI



Mindy has staged several homes for me and her work is excellent. She has a good feeling for the style of home and uses appropriate furnishings. The owners have always been pleased and I believe these homes have sold more quickly because of the staging.
~Carolyn Lepard, Ann Arbor Realtor



It was wonderful having Mindy stage our house for the purpose of selling it. Initially, I didn’t see a need for our home to be staged, as we already had a “minimal design” approach. However, Mindy encouraged us to look at the interior design of our house from different angles and perspectives. She rearranged just enough of our furniture and belongings to make it more eye-catching and appealing to buyers. As a result, more realtors and potential buyers than we could have anticipated made great compliments about the layout and overall appearance of the inside of our house. More importantly, our house sold in less than a week since it was listed with multiple over-the-asking price offers! In the end, we truly believe that Mindy’s help and advise enhanced our house’s attractiveness and lead to more traffic by potential buyers. Mindy undoubtedly acted like a professional in every way, and was very enjoyable to work with. She valued our opinions and helped stage our house so it was ready to sell. We certainly highly recommend her for anyone considering selling their home and in need of a professional stager.
Mira C., Ann Arbor, MI Homeowner, Ann Arbor, MI



It is my job as a Realtor to give my clients the best opportunity to seller their home quickly. The first time I used Mindy to stage my listing, I had seven offer in four days all at or over list price. My clients home was already well organized and beautifully maintained, but Mindy made the right changes to make it show even better. Mindy has a terrific eye and has the ability to transform the way a home is presented down to the smallest detail. From this point forward I will use Mindy to stage all my listings.
Cristie Wilson, Ann Arbor Realtor



We had terrific feedback and received a couple offers within days of the open house. We are currently in the last stages of finalizing the sale and wanted to make sure we didn’t forget to say a big thank you to you. Even though you changed my furniture layout of everything shoved against the walls! I’m big enough to admit my mistakes…
Bob B., Dexter, MI Homeowner
The staging looked absolutely wonderful – we got fabulous feedback from our realtor and from potential buyers’ realtors that the house looked amazing.
Jennifer H., Ann Arbor, MI Homeowner

As a real estate agent it is hard to tell people they don’t have good taste or their home is stuck in the 80’s. Mindy can meet with my clients and give great advice to help sell their home. The clients have been very satisfied with her services and her services have helped sell their homes. Even homes that need very little attention can always be improved with her expertise. Staging does get results; studies show that staged homes result in higher sales prices and my Ann Arbor client loved the results. We have rock solid confidence in Mindy.
Kathy Toth & Mike McGee, Dexter Realtors


Thank you so much for your staging efforts. I think it made all the difference in the world. Not only did we get one offer quickly, we actually had a backup and two others who were interested in writing if something happened to the first offers! I will absolutely recommend you to my clients in the future and hope we work together again soon.
Christine Faeth, Ann Arbor Realtor



Mindy is a pure gem!  Thank you for recommending her.  She’s phenomenal.  Mindy is inclusive, sensitive, mindful, and extremely professional.  Great experience, all around.
Ali. B., Ann Arbor, MI Homeowner
I hired Mindy as a stager for a home I was selling. Although the owner was hesitant at first, once Mindy walked the client through the recommendations and reasoning for them, the client opened up and implemented those ideas which changed the appearance of the home. Although clean and organized to begin with, the changes made a big difference to the look and feel of the home. I would definitely hire Mindy again!!!
Kantha G., Ann Arbor Realtor


Mindy was willing to set an appointment with short notice to help my Sellers stage their home with an open house being held in 4 days. The Seller and I were so impressed with her expertise & flair with making simple inexpensive options. Mindy staged the inside the home, outside, & the lake front property. She sent a detailed report to the Seller with a “to do list”. I highly recommend her!!! Mindy also came to my home for a consultation before the Sellers appointment. I am redesigning my living room, dining room, & bar area. I have a very difficult seating situation & couldn’t figure out what would be the best way to resolve this. She asked great questions, took pictures, my budget, sent me a report with links to stores. I look forward to working with someone like Mindy who is so persoanble to work with.
~Karon D., Adrian, MI Realtor

I used Mindy to examine one of our real estate holdings and she was extremely professional and provided us with a complete report of recommendations to the property to better present and show it to prospective renters. I was very pleased with the results and the cost.
~Bob A., Michigan Commercial Realty


My first inkling that Mindy had talent in the area of staging was when she and her husband asked me to come for a listing appointment at their previous home. Usually, I make a to do list for my clients and in some cases ask my clients to hire a stager, organizer and house cleaner prior to marketing their home. This was not the case with the Wardens. There was nothing to suggest! I remember thinking that I could use Mindy’s talents with ALL my listings!
This year I had the opportunity to have her work with clients that had two household’s worth of furniture in a small 2 story colonial. She was great! She told them what to store, came up with some inventive ways to make multiple seating areas and helped them showcase their home with their art.
I got an offer in a couple of weeks and an even better one a few weeks later! Everyone was happy with the process and the result got the house sold for a higher price and with a shorter time on the market! Yeah, Mindy!! I can’t wait for our next collaboration in home selling!
~Maryanne Telese., Ann Arbor, MI Realtor


My loft was not simple or easy to stage (building access, etc) and I appreciate your patience and work ethic.  The difference in a staged home on the market and one that is not staged is night and day. The vast majority of buyers need that visual effect of what a potential home can look like in order to see themselves living there. My regret was that I didn’t have my loft staged by you from the first day on the market. MKW Staging has been very professional, efficient, and creative to work with.
~Jenny I., Ann Arbor, MI, Homeowner


I was very impressed that Mindy was able to make our home look beautiful, while still allowing it to be livable. She listened to the things that we simply couldn’t do without and worked around them. It was also impressive how much transformation she could accomplish in such a short time period!
~Jenny C., Dexter, MI, Homeowner


My rooms are full of warmth after your staging design. You have an amazing eye for the unexpected and by using all my own stuff, you created two entirely different, functioning rooms. Everyone who wants to infuse their home with some new zip and purpose should hire you to stage. My new motto is. “You don’t have to be moving to hire a stager!” Love everything you did…
~Diane H., Ypsilanti, MI, Homeowner


You are truly amazing. You have a gift and your passion shows! Your helping and caring attitude shines through, along with your talent. Everything you touch looks better! You made me feel like you cared about what I want, rather than what YOU would want. Thanks again SOOOOOOOOOO much!
~Sally S., Ann Arbor, MI, Homeowner


I just wanted to thank you again for sharing your time and skills with me and my house. My coworkers came over for a party and I was proud to show off my home. The house would never feel this comfortable and look so beautiful without you. I look forward to doing more rooms with you!
~Katie F., Lansing, MI, Homeowner


I didn’t think that our living room had much capacity for improvement due to the small space and limited ability to rearrange the furniture. Well, you proved me wrong! I love the new sleeker, less cluttered look. The room does feel and look bigger. I also appreciate the way that you listened to my comments regarding the function of the room and asked for my feedback with each change you made! The room still feels like our home. We’re looking forward to you helping us with our office. Thank you so much!
~Deb S., Ann Arbor, MI, Homeowner