Realtor Partnership Program

The goal of MKW Staging & Redesign Realtor Partnership Program is to partner with Realtors in order to market your listings to their fullest potential!  Partnering with a Professional Home Stager will add value to your listing package, additional credibility to your business and ultimately results in faster, more profitable homes sales.

Mindy Warden, owner of MKW Staging & Redesign is an HSR Certified Professional Home Stager & Interior Redesigner.  She is a member of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), the only third-party, governing association for the home staging industry and the American Society of Home Stagers and Redesigners (ASHSR). Using her formal training and industry knowledge, she will work with your clients, quickly transforming the inside of their homes so the traffic that Realtors drive to the home results in fast, often multiple, offers.

How does MKW Staging & Redesign help you?

We use a “FEEL HOME” process, and our “buyer’s eyes”, as we evaluate each room of the home which engages your client, the seller, in the process while ensuring that we don’t neglect any area needing attention.  By following this, we believe there are three easy steps to…SOLD:

  1. Before listing, have an MKW Staging & Redesign consultant come to the home and create a plan for staging that focuses on transformations that yield the biggest return on investment and works within the client’s budget.
  2. During staging, the MKW consultant makes only those changes/updates that will create the largest return on investment AND emotionally connect with the buyers.
  3. After staging, the home is photo ready!  Since over 90% of buyers are online to determine whether to visit, photos of professionally staged rooms will set the listing apart from all the competition.

 At MKW our goal is to stage every home!  It greatly benefits sellers and Realtors because it allows homes to successfully compete in that specific price range.   When you are an MKW VIP Realtor Partner, our goals will be:

  • To create strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships with agents and their clients.
  • To handle difficult conversations for you!  Home staging is a very emotional process and we are trained to discuss and educate your clients on the benefits and value of home staging.
  • To take the interior marketing of the home off your shoulders by transforming each room of the home, appealing to the widest buyer audience.  
  • Giving you the opportunity to market the home to the public with the confidence, knowing that it will sell faster and for more money than it would have un-staged…everyone benefits!

Let’s start working together today!